In OPIM we have created Diversity Talent Pool.

Since 2001, we have been changing people’s views of diversity and the ways it can be used in everyday life and at work.

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Diversity as an advantage

With us, you will find out why diversity should be supported not only in teams, but in the whole society, and how to create an inclusive atmosphere in an organisation which perceives diversity as an advantage, not as an obstacle.

If you are interested in diversity and inclusion workshops or HR tools, visit OPIM website.

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Our thinking is innovative and so are our tools.

Our programs are playful and informal and use game elements to enhance competencies. We are not afraid to get involved in the innovation and development of tools supporting equal opportunities. One of these tools is Diversity Talent Pool bringing solution to improve equality on a job market.

Our values



Diversity is key for us. We welcome and respect differences and strive for a society with equal opportunities. We are open to different ideas and collaboration.



We innovate with thinking and technology. We change stereotypical thinking with an out of the box approach and design thinking. We respond to changes in society and create modern tools.



People are at the centre of it for us. We place emphasis on interpersonal relationships, understanding people's individual needs and their differences. Empathy also helps us find the right solutions for our partners and clients.



We strive for a respectful society where diversity is not a barrier. We create a network of like-minded people and organisations. We pass on expertise and mutual support.

Who's behind this?

Jana 1

Jana Tikalová

Founder and CEO

20 years ago, I started to spread awareness and education in the Czech Republic about diversity, inclusion and human rights and I founded OPIM while studying social and cultural anthropology. At that time, this issue did not have much resonance in the Czech Republic, quite the opposite. So for a few years I was more involved in international cooperation and after five years we started to be active locally in OPIM.

I have experience with senior positions in HR and training in two corporate companies. In my role as a trainer and consultant, I often advise on how to harness the potential of diversity and create inclusive organisations.

I am a visionary and a fountain of ideas, open to new things and challenges. At OPIM, I lead the team, looking after B2B partners.


Ondřej Pospíšil


My primary focus is web design and digital strategy. I design websites, web applications and non-traditional technical solutions. Simple, clear and systematic.

I have experience mostly from technically oriented companies and projects. I am the author of the web design workbook Poonbook and I am behind the creative label Kolabo.

Work is mainly a responsibility for me. I enjoy diversity. I never have the same day. At OPIM I take care of the visual and usability of the platform and the development strategy.


Barbora Sedlářová

Social media B2C community

I have been interested in the topics of human rights, inclusion and diversity since my student days. The Middle East has captured my interest. Equality for me does not mean uniformity for all, but rather treating everyone as a unique human being.

For over six years, even during my dual parenthood, I have been covering domestic, international and regional online news.

I’m a planner with reliability and a sense of perfect organization, which I picked up mostly while parenting. At OPIM, I help organize events and am in charge of the B2C community and social media.

Tomas 1

Tomáš Drvota

Frontend Developer

I deal mainly with web development and online marketing. I code websites, handle SEO and run e-shops. I started creating websites while I was in college.

I am behind the creation of eSoul, a digital (in)agency that connects freelancers. I have experience with small websites as well as large company websites and e-shops.

What I enjoy about my work is the freedom, independence and the fact that every day brings a new challenge to solve.

At OPIM, I am in charge of the Diversity Talent Pool web application and its frontend.

terea kosnarova venerova

Tereza Kosnarová Venerová

User research

I am a researcher and working with data is a joy for me. I have been working in UX, design thinking and facilitation for more than 15 years. 

I always try to understand the problems that users have and approach solving them responsibly, with empathy and humility. What I enjoy about researching and testing with users is the diversity of perceptions of problems.

In the OPIM team, I work as a researcher and facilitator of training programs and events. I ask inquisitive questions not only to our partners, but also to our candidates and try to understand their needs and concerns so that we can find the right solutions better.

Tomas V

Tomáš Vojík

Backend Developer

I am a student of information technology at Brno University of Technology. Programming is my job and hobby. I enjoy creating, testing, experimenting and thinking about challenging problems.

I have been programming web applications for seven years. I have experience in smaller, but also larger and more complex projects, from simple forms to entire information systems for company management.

I am an ambitious perfectionist. I hardly ever refuse new challenges because it is the only way to move on and learn something new. At OPIM I am responsible for the functionality and programming of the application.

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