How to prepare for a job interview

How to find your dream job and get ready for an interview: 3 tips from our career advisor and coach

Looking for a less demanding job? Here’s some basic advice.

Our video will help you find out what to expect and what to avoid during job seeking and at job interviews. You can make it!

Recommendations for graduates: How to effectively communicate your experience

There are moments in life – and a job interview is one of them – when the first impression can make all the difference. With us, you will learn how to prepare and show who you are.

Want to become a manager? See these smart tips!

Success is in the detail. This is probably no news to you; yet, some tips may come in handy for you to succeed at the interview.

petra drahonovska

Petra Drahoňovská, career advisor and coach

Interested in a personal consultation? Contact Petra at:

Join our successful job applicants!

Join our successful job applicants



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