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Do you face prejudice ?

We’ll help you find a job where you won’t be looked down. Companies are interested in your talent. They are ready for looking for a solution, if you have special needs because of handicap, age, nationality, caring of children or elderly parents, faith, sexual orientation, or different barriers you face.

How to join in 2 steps


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Fill in your information, individual needs and the diversity you will bring to the company.


Choose a job offer

Based on the information about you, we will find a company that best matches your needs.

Your talent can't be photographed

and that’s why you won’t find photos in the candidate profiles.

Your profile is your brand

You can complete your profile in 5 minutes. However, if you take 15 minutes to fill in all the details, our algorithms will pair you with a job offer more easily.


Create a profile
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Would you like to know more?

Which information should I include in my profile?

Your profile is your brand. It enables you to tell more about yourself than most job portals do. It’s always good to know what your qualification, work experience (if any) and language skills are. You can describe what your specific job-related needs are, what makes you different and what contribution you can make. The companies registered on this platform share our vision. This means that they are open to diversity and respect people’s needs. They know that going through a life change or simply being different can considerably affect one’s position on the job market.

Do I have to pay for registration?

No. Registration will only cost you time. Do not underestimate it though! Your profile is your brand. Don’t forget that the companies registered on Diversity Talent Pool are interested in your talents and skills, but they also need to know what your job-related needs are – they know how to accommodate them.

How does the candidate-company matching work?

Candidates and companies are matched up based on the data in the candidate’s profile, the company’s possibilities and the criteria defined in the advert. Subsequently, they are interconnected by our algorithm. The algorithm will process the information you share on your profile and match it with the information in the company’s profile. The key parameters considered by the algorithms are your individual needs as specified by yourself and the company’s needs and possibilities as well as other information, such as the required language skills, experience or qualification.

All I need to do then is wait to be matched up with a company?

Of course not! Be proactive and do not hesitate to search our vacancies. Do not wait for the system to do it for you.

How does a company discover my talents?

When creating your profile, you will be asked to reply to questions regarding your competencies and work style. You can also say more about yourself. 

Why aren’t you asking for my picture?

Because talents and skills cannot be seen in pictures. Moreover, most prejudices are based on appearance. People categorize and label others based on what they see. The companies in Diversity Talent Pool support diversity. That’s why no pictures are needed.

How do you keep my profile safe?

Your profile is not publicly accessible. It can only be viewed by the companies in Diversity who support diversity. You will receive a unique code generated for you personally to verify your new profile.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to ask about anything that’s unclear.

Join our successful job applicants!

Join our successful job applicants

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