Join the companies who see the potential of diversity and inclusion

Being open is the way to succeed. We will help you to choose the perfect talent by matching up your needs and possibilities with theirs.

up to 76%

of job candidates prefer non-homogeneous working environments


higher profit in companies with diversified teams and an effective and inclusive company culture


higher performance in diverse teams and inclusive organisations


more stability, empathy and communication thanks to diversity and inclusion 

Inclusion helps businesses increase profit and enhance innovation as well as improve employee performance and retention rates.

Sources: Glassdoor | McKinsey | BCG | Cloverpop

Algoritms find your talents

from blue-collar to managerial positions and with respect to your current needs, company goals and market development.

Our algorithms match your job advert with a candidate.

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Save your time
and money

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Know the candidate's needs before the interview

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Candidate's competences are disclosed

How much Diversity Talent Pool costs?

1 job offer = 2 credits
1 connection with candidate = 1 credit
Credits have an unlimited lifetime


Starter package

30 days free

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5 job offers to test the app

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Explore our app and its advantage


Basic package

5 credits

2 500 CZK

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Credits to advertise and choose candidates


Advanced package

20 credits

9 000 CZK

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Credits to advertise and choose candidates

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2 credits for free

Why become a member ?

Why to become a member

A balanced, satisfied and intrinsically motivated team
where everyone feels part of the whole is the foundation of a healthy and prosperous company.


Diversity profiles

The candidate's fundamental information where they also reveal their individual needs. Their unique profile reveals their individuality. They can present the diversity they bring to the team.

Diversity 1

Community and education

Your company is our partner. We want to support you in building an inclusive company culture. We will arrange HR and management workshops for you, go through HR processes and procedures from an inclusion perspective, and look at your D&I strategy goals together.


Inclusive company and awareness

We raise public awareness of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in the world of candidates and companies. We create profiles, record podcasts and conduct D&I interviews. And you'll be a part of it.

How to join in 3 steps

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Create your company’s profile and select the membership type that best suits your needs.

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Insert your job advert

Create a vacancy post and say what you offer in terms of inclusion.

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Matching & Selection

Choose your preferred candidate.

Kolik Diversity Talent Pool stojí?

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Roční platba


14 dní zdarma

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1 inzerát na vyzkoušení

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Přístup k anonymní databázi


Roční členství

12 měsíců

13 300 Kč / měsíc

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Kredity k inzerování a vybírání kandidátů/tek

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Poradenství a vzdělávací workshopy k diverzitě a inkluzi

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Dvouleté členství

24 měsíců

12 100 Kč / měsíc

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Kredity k inzerování a vybírání kandidátů/tek

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Poradenství a vzdělávací workshopy k diverzitě a inkluzi

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Workshop na míru

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Sleva na produkty a služby


Try Diversity Talent Pool

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Do you need to know more?

Who are the people in the Pool?

The Pool gathers people who are looking for a (new) job. They are very diverse people of various specializations – from manual workers to scientists and managers. The companies registered at this platform Diversity Talent Pool share our vision. This means that they are open to diversity and respect people’s needs. They know that going through a life change or simply being different can considerably affect one’s position on the job market.

What information will I find in the candidates’ profiles?

In their profiles, candidates can share more information about themselves. They can describe their specific job-related needs and the way their being different can make a contribution.

Is registration subject to fees?

Creating a profile and job-seeking is free of charge for the candidates. Registered companies after 30 days trial free of charge can buy credits. Credits are used for advertising and connecting with a candidate. Once you’ve run out of credits, you can recharge them.

How does the candidate-company matching work?

Candidates and companies are matched up based on the data in the candidate’s profile, the company’s possibilities and the job criteria defined in the advert. Subsequently, they are interconnected by our algorithm. The algorithm will process the information the candidates share on their profile and match it with the information in the company’s profile. The key parameters considered by the algorithms are the candidate’s and the company’s needs and possibilities as well as other information.

How do you protect the candidates’ profiles and how do you make sure that their data is reliable?

The candidates’ profiles are not accessible to the public. They can only be viewed by companies registered in The Diversity Talent Pool who support diversity. Each candidate receives a unique personal code with which they verify their new profile.

How do I find out what the candidates’ talents are?

When creating their profile, the candidates need to answer 9 key questions regarding their skills and talents. And they can say more about themselves. What can they bring to the company? What makes them special? This information helps you get an idea about the candidate’s competencies which you can talk about in more detail during the interview.

Why don’t you ask for the candidates’ pictures?

Because talents and skills cannot be seen in pictures. Moreover, most prejudices are based on appearance. People categorize and label others based on what they see. Companies registered in The Diversity Talent Pool support diversity. That’s why no pictures are needed.

Do you have any questions?



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