Our Manifesto

Diversity is Good for Us!


Czechia is facing a second wave of the coronavirus crisis. Many people have lost their jobs, fallen into debt and had their property legally seized. Children and youth are being kept apart from their peer groups. Healthcare and social professionals experience exhaustion on a long-term basis. Most of us are suffering from isolation and feelings of loneliness and the return to our previous way of living and working is unrealistic.

That is why we need to re-evaluate our current direction and our approach to society as a whole. We stand at a crossroads and it is up to each of us to choose our path. At OPIM we believe in treating diversity as a driver for innovation and inclusion and to utilize diverse human potential. There is no better time to act than now.

Giving an opportunity to people with diverse backgrounds is not only right but also smarter for society. A diversified team brings creativity and innovation, increases productivity and financial revenue and opens doors to new opportunities and clients. International research shows that in the long run diversity has a positive impact on an organization. The key ingredient for achieving this is a functional and inclusive company culture. A culture open to a varied pool of people who don’t need to hide their true identity. Up to 67% of candidates prefer non-homogeneous companies.

The crisis has taught us that cooperation across the spectrum of society is achievable. The young are helping the elderly with shopping and dog walking. Amateurs are sewing face masks for others. Laymen volunteer alongside health workers. IT guys are providing free 3D printing. Older citizens are going digital. Volunteers across generations are helping teachers and students with digitizing education. Most of us have put our shoulder to the wheel and developed greater mutual respect and willingness to help.

At the same time however, the society is becoming socially and economically divided and growing apart in opinions. Let’s preserve solidarity in the long term. Diversity is vital and enriches us all. Join us in adopting the following pillars of diversity and inclusion:

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Equal opportunities

We respect differences, we celebrate diversity and recognize its strength. We offer opportunities to people regardless of their background. Everyone has the right to work and all children have the right to education. Everyone deserves the chance to apply their skills and talent.

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Inclusion for All

We aspire and aim to be inclusive of all people and their individual needs. We accept everyone regardless of their age, gender, sexual preference, nationhood, physical or mental handicap or other characteristics.

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Social Responsibility

We are socially responsible and we strive for a society of equal opportunities. We do not discriminate. We learn to identify our (un)conscious biases and work on them. We help the weaker, the underprivileged and people in need of finding their place at the labour market.

Let us maintain our solidarity by providing opportunities to everyone regardless of their background. Let us create an inclusive environment welcoming to people’s individual needs. Let us be open to everyone so they don’t need to hide their identity. Let us listen to the wishes of our employees and colleagues. Let us accept each person with respect and recognition. We strive for a society of equal opportunities for everyone.

Let us adopt a new direction and not revert to the old ways.

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